It’s A Good Day For The Park

Never underestimate the value of free time and play for toddlers and pre-k’s. Everything in their environment is teaching them something. Just playing in the yard is a sensory experience. All around them the world is buzzing. Think about it, the grass is green and they see a few monarchs passing by on their yearly migration. There they just learned more about nature then two books could have taught them. But only if you the parent picks up on these things and expounds on it.

Today, we went to the park for a ton of free time. No books, no worksheets just old fashioned fun. The kids love the socialization, and they really like getting all of their energy out. Check out your local park while the weather is still nice soon enough we may all be snowed in and that will be time enough for inside play.

With fall coming this weekend should offer you a ton of local spots to hit. Fairs are in full bloom with the harvest moon upon us, so Google those and take the kids to see what the local farms have worked on all summer long. We plan on hitting the local Belchertown Fall Festival tomorrow night. I love the chickens and my kids do too.

Still waiting on that farm…



Summer Time Top Picks for Preschoolers

Summer can be a great experience for you and your little ones. I have found that while teaching them is key, so is learning through playing. You should look for free things for your children, these are a top ┬ámust do’s with your little one’s this summer.

1. Have fun in the pool. Use your small wading pool, set up a sprinkler and let them splash around. It’s guarenteed fun.

Swimming can be fun for the summer


2. Go to the summer reading program at your local library. Last year my kids earned free books, a skate party and more.

Library time


3. Go to a local children’s museum.

Children’s museums offer all kinds of tactile excitement.


4. Play outside. Never underestimate the power og fresh air.

My kids love to catch butterfly’s great way to get some fresh air.

5.Wear a mask-it’s fun to dress up.

Dramatic play, always a favorite.