Math Monday

Math Monday Manipulative and More

Check out board games. We love to play Hungry, Hungry  Hippos and the kids count the marbles. But, you need to be vigilant because little ones are going to want to eat the marbles.

This week’s featured activity :

Learning in the Grocery Store

Make a picture menu

Weigh your food with your child

Putting it away

Links: Freebies

Jan Brett’s Addition Puzzles check it out

Pattern Block

Bead Stairs



Toddler Math:Go on a Number Hunt

Toddlers love the math, they love creating and creating.

You can send your child on a number hunt through the house. It’s great to get them moving and they will have fun searching for your hand drawn numbers posted everywhere.

You will need cards, books or other items that show numbers. The more variety the better, just make sure that you place them in spots around the house that your toddler will be aware of. As a last resort if you do not have anything around to make it work use whatever you can to draw large numbers on.

Hide them in their room,

on the door,

on the floor

and more.

That’s our tip for today, we love math days…