Princess Violette’s Preschool Adventures

Princess Violette is two years old. She loves to dance, and sing. Most of the time when her brothers are out fighting each other she sits in the corner and makes her dolly drink “nice warm tea.” She sings songs to it and even “fixes” her.

Goes for a stroll at the children’s museum

Lately, she has been in love with Everyone Poops  It’s the story of how a two humped camel has a two-humped poop and a bird poops and more. It’s a love affair with poop.

Greate book

She has been potty training, but actually is taking her time with it. I know she would have already been done if I had forced her. My mom tells me all the time that i was only nine months when I stareted walking and 12 months when I was potty trained!  But she had too because she put me in preschool


So, I want my kids to be natural!


It’s great-and sometimes a little expensive too. But we make our own wet wipes so that helps.


Violette’s list of favorites:

 Violette likes to take it slow. She’s always taking the time to explore. Here she was walking down to the pond to see the ducks with mommy, daddy, Wesley and Wyatt.



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