Summer Reading Programs A La Scholastic

No matter what age your kids are summer reading programs are abounding in every nook and cranny. wordgirl2


Scholastic believes that every child has to read in the summer and most parents agree with that as well.

Welcome to the Scholastic Summer Challenge – a free online program designed to motivate and excite your children around reading books this summer. The Summer Challenge is an easy and fun way for kids to log the minutes they spend reading as they earn rewards and help Read for the World Record.

Here’s How You Can Get Involved:



This blog is extremely instructive.

Nathanial Isaacson


Culture Surrounding Homeschooling and Application into School Systems

By: Nathanial Isaacson

Fresno Pacific University

LA 415 Senior Research Seminar

Senior Research Paper

Instructor: Dennis Johnston, Th.D.

January 31, 2013


Introduction    3

Historical Context    3

Analysis of the Issues    6

Review of Research    13

Call to Action    20

References    22


Enter Jeremiah Lorrig, a dyslexic boy who “could not read, spell, or write.” His parents could have chosen to send him to school where he “would have been put in special education and [live one type of life]. Otherwise, his parents could have chosen to homeschool him; to design his lessons around his dyslexia; not to give up on him; to help him “catch up”; to help him “go to college, graduate, and have a successful career”; and to ensure he does not get any “scars from special education” (Lorrig, 2013).

This research paper is about the culture of homeschooling and the applications that…

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Reasons Not To Homeschool In December

The Christmas season is here.

It’s actually on a deadline. This year I have decided to buy them presents that they can use or need. It’s important to focus on the season and that is exactly what we are doing.

I believe in incorporating our cultures in Christmas. Though, we are all American we are still French-Canadian, English, Welsh,Irish, Russian, and more. So in honor of that I have decided to incorporate this into my children’s permanent schooling.

We are French Canadian (me), Iriqouis (me-actually am offically classified as AI) Irish (husband) Italian (husband) Blackfoot (husband)

So we are doing the following:

Irish Creme and Pistachio Fudge (Christmas Presents)

Christmas In Italy

Christmas French Canadian

Meat Pie

Source: via Bobbi on Pinterest

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Native American

Pinterest Monday Ideas

Great Ideas are around every corner. But these take the cake!
I love the tones of the fingerpaints, and the feel and smell of playdough and more!
Don’t you?

Brain-stretching and body movin’ Christmas gift ideas for kids

Suzanne Shares

Christmas is just around the corner. My boys have oodles of toys, so I’m always on the lookout for purposeful activities or games that can stretch their little brains or help burn some of their boundless energy. 🙂 These are some of our favorites.

Stomp Rocket (or Stomp Rocket Jr. , which is cheaper!)–This is such a fun, fun toy! My son got it last year for Christmas, and we also bought it for my nephew. Most of the day, post-present opening, was spent with all of the family outdoors playing with the Stomp Rocket! The toy is, literally, what it says–you stomp on part of the contraption and the rocket goes sky high! We pull this out and use it in the backyard when I need the boys to burn off some energy; it’s perfect for that! Plus, everyone in the neighborhood usually comes to play, too! Everyone…

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Seeds Family Worship–Free download & 25% off coupon code

Suzanne Shares

We love, love, love  Seeds Family Worship cds around our home! If you’ve never heard of Seeds Family Worship, I wrote here about all the reasons why the Mosleys love them. The Seeds songs are Scripture set to wonderful, non-cheesy music. They make great Christmas gifts for children of all ages! Each time you order a Seeds CD you actually get two copies of the same CD. Their philosophy is one for you and one to share! I LOVE sharing the CDs because I’m placing God’s Word in the hands and heart of a little child. What could be better?!?!

The Character Of God Vol. 7

The lastest Seeds CD, The Character of God Vol. 7 was just released. They actually have a free download of the song, God is Holy, from the CD available on their website. If you’ve never heard any of the Seeds CDs, this is a great way to get…

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