Lesson Plans-Easy to Use

Here is a smattering of a few plans that we have used in the past. Feel free to use them. But remember, I make newsletters tailored to your needs just contact me at colettelefebvredavis@yahoo.com for more information.

Below we have an Egypt preview.

Watch the video about Ancient Egypt:National Geographic



Ancient Egypt was thought of as a land of two regions. The first was a part known as the “black land” and another called “red land.” These two lands were touched by the Nile River, the lifeblood of Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians called it the “black” land because of the dark silt that the river deposited on the banks after the annual flood receded. They knew the “red” land because it was nothing but red earth; a desert with nothing living in it.


The Nile and the Desert kept Egypt from being invaded and provided a way to sustain

life in the region. That is why Egypt became a large civilization, they were able to raise crops like barley and wheat, build temples from the mud of the river and create tombs from the stone that was widely available in the region.


Read the Story of a boy from ancient Egypt and then explore the land with the interactive map. http://www.ancientegypt.co.uk/geography/explore/main.html



Children’s lesson plan Preschool:




Make a star from construction paper and have your children draw themselves in the middle, hang up in the house. Make a sandwich for lunch (PB&J) and use a star cookie cutter to make it special. Sing the song at circle time, and teach them about a star shape.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star by Jane Taylor, Illus. by Julia Noonan.

Get creative and paint your faces yellow. Have the children create star shapes out of play dough. Go outside and play free time.

Art, use potato’s and make a star shape there. Use them to create a picture on paper.


Watch this video:








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