Early Learning

Children are the best sounding boards. They will let you know all about the things they like to do and what they don’t without hesitation.

I have been both creating traditional lesson plans with a mixture of structured outside play.

For instance: 

8:00 Breakfast and free play

9:00: Circle time-sing songs and review yesterdays ideas

10:00am-craft time

11:00: snack and read time

12:00 help cook lunch, set table 

1:00pm: outside time

2:00pm Nap

3:00pm Lessons

4;00pm: Watch a show (Pbs)


I mean this is not a foolproof schedule but its still something that we can set up to. School is about fun and I want my children to go on a field trip at least once a week. We have so much fun living and learning.

Early learning Fun:

The zoo, a place of magic for most children. My son loved it.

Sports Camp (try out a new sport each day, or bring the sport out of the normal environment, i.e., play soccer in the soccer field, or play baseball at the baseball diamond)

Bakery:  Cookies sheets, muffin pans, muffin liners in many colors, whisks, rolling pins, pictures of bakery items, play dough and more.



Interested in more? Sign up for my daily preschool plans or purchase a subscription for monthly plans. You will get all the materials you need, from sites to go to for worksheets, places to go in your local area and crafts to create on a budget. Plus instruction on how to present it to your little one.

What are you waiting for?


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