About Me

I’m a full time mother, writer, and educator. I have three little ones and they are all 4 and under. My twins are two and my oldest just turned 4. We decided that our children were going to be home schooled. For me, at first it was a really strange idea. I mean homeschooling my children brought about all of those thoughts that were created to dissuade people from having the right to educate their own children.

I thought what if they are weird? What about socialization?  Then I realized that those

Mom, Educator, and Super Hero

untrue, all of them. My husband was homeschooled in the 80’s when it wasn’t cool to be a homeschooler. I am a product of the private school system from Kindergarten to college. Kids in school learn social skills, but in my opinion they learn things that they shouldn’t at a time that is inappropriate for them. The media is constantly screaming that kids are growing more aware at a younger age. Well, I blame that on the public education they receive from their peers and from the media in general. We want our children to grow with God and to learn the values that are inherent in childhood.

I’m a historian, so in every aspect of preschool and their future I will be including anything history for them. I love it, it’s my bread and butter. Check out my site at Penandparchment.org. It’s a great place to see some pic’s learn some history and more.

This is my family, I want you to learn with us. So for right now I am including a blog post with daily tips and activities and periodically I will be uploading curriculums. Our first one is free considering I am launching the site this month.

So what I found was that preschool information was seriously lacking and guess what preschoolers have a love of learning! They want to be involved in worksheets, activities and more. They can be, its just a little messier.

Welcome and I hope you like it.


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