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Nathanial Isaacson


Culture Surrounding Homeschooling and Application into School Systems

By: Nathanial Isaacson

Fresno Pacific University

LA 415 Senior Research Seminar

Senior Research Paper

Instructor: Dennis Johnston, Th.D.

January 31, 2013


Introduction    3

Historical Context    3

Analysis of the Issues    6

Review of Research    13

Call to Action    20

References    22


Enter Jeremiah Lorrig, a dyslexic boy who “could not read, spell, or write.” His parents could have chosen to send him to school where he “would have been put in special education and [live one type of life]. Otherwise, his parents could have chosen to homeschool him; to design his lessons around his dyslexia; not to give up on him; to help him “catch up”; to help him “go to college, graduate, and have a successful career”; and to ensure he does not get any “scars from special education” (Lorrig, 2013).

This research paper is about the culture of homeschooling and the applications that…

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