Reasons Not To Homeschool In December

The Christmas season is here.

It’s actually on a deadline. This year I have decided to buy them presents that they can use or need. It’s important to focus on the season and that is exactly what we are doing.

I believe in incorporating our cultures in Christmas. Though, we are all American we are still French-Canadian, English, Welsh,Irish, Russian, and more. So in honor of that I have decided to incorporate this into my children’s permanent schooling.

We are French Canadian (me), Iriqouis (me-actually am offically classified as AI) Irish (husband) Italian (husband) Blackfoot (husband)

So we are doing the following:

Irish Creme and Pistachio Fudge (Christmas Presents)

Christmas In Italy

Christmas French Canadian

Meat Pie

Source: via Bobbi on Pinterest

Source: via Tamara on Pinterest

Native American