Brain-stretching and body movin’ Christmas gift ideas for kids

Suzanne Shares

Christmas is just around the corner. My boys have oodles of toys, so I’m always on the lookout for purposeful activities or games that can stretch their little brains or help burn some of their boundless energy. 🙂 These are some of our favorites.

Stomp Rocket (or Stomp Rocket Jr. , which is cheaper!)–This is such a fun, fun toy! My son got it last year for Christmas, and we also bought it for my nephew. Most of the day, post-present opening, was spent with all of the family outdoors playing with the Stomp Rocket! The toy is, literally, what it says–you stomp on part of the contraption and the rocket goes sky high! We pull this out and use it in the backyard when I need the boys to burn off some energy; it’s perfect for that! Plus, everyone in the neighborhood usually comes to play, too! Everyone…

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