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Great Ideas are around every corner. But these take the cake!
I love the tones of the fingerpaints, and the feel and smell of playdough and more!
Don’t you?

Brain-stretching and body movin’ Christmas gift ideas for kids

Suzanne Shares

Christmas is just around the corner. My boys have oodles of toys, so I’m always on the lookout for purposeful activities or games that can stretch their little brains or help burn some of their boundless energy. 🙂 These are some of our favorites.

Stomp Rocket (or Stomp Rocket Jr. , which is cheaper!)–This is such a fun, fun toy! My son got it last year for Christmas, and we also bought it for my nephew. Most of the day, post-present opening, was spent with all of the family outdoors playing with the Stomp Rocket! The toy is, literally, what it says–you stomp on part of the contraption and the rocket goes sky high! We pull this out and use it in the backyard when I need the boys to burn off some energy; it’s perfect for that! Plus, everyone in the neighborhood usually comes to play, too! Everyone…

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Seeds Family Worship–Free download & 25% off coupon code

Suzanne Shares

We love, love, love  Seeds Family Worship cds around our home! If you’ve never heard of Seeds Family Worship, I wrote here about all the reasons why the Mosleys love them. The Seeds songs are Scripture set to wonderful, non-cheesy music. They make great Christmas gifts for children of all ages! Each time you order a Seeds CD you actually get two copies of the same CD. Their philosophy is one for you and one to share! I LOVE sharing the CDs because I’m placing God’s Word in the hands and heart of a little child. What could be better?!?!

The Character Of God Vol. 7

The lastest Seeds CD, The Character of God Vol. 7 was just released. They actually have a free download of the song, God is Holy, from the CD available on their website. If you’ve never heard any of the Seeds CDs, this is a great way to get…

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Getting Your Munchkins to Clean

It’s hard enough teaching your little ones on a daily basis. But, getting them to clean can be a tough chore in itself. I frequently pull my hair out. I have to repeat myself over and over, and they seem to ignore it.

Confessions of a Homeschooler

But that was before I came up with the system.

It’s awesome. Now they want to help out.


Here are some tips to get your kids moving:

1. Let them help you. They want to be around you, and letting them sweep, dust and wipe down is their way of doing it. Don’t look for perfection. I used to freak out when they helped me wash because the floor would get covered in water, now I look at it as a way of getting my floor cleaned!

2.Sing and dance, turn on some music and dance along side your kids. It makes chore time go by so much quicker.

3.Buy brooms and dustpans that are perfect for their size. It will let them know that they are actually good little helpers.

4.Reward them with a movie or a toy


Math Monday

Math Monday Manipulative and More

Check out board games. We love to play Hungry, Hungry  Hippos and the kids count the marbles. But, you need to be vigilant because little ones are going to want to eat the marbles.

This week’s featured activity :

Learning in the Grocery Store

Make a picture menu

Weigh your food with your child

Putting it away

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Pattern Block

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