Potty Training Bootcamp

I think the hardest thing to do with your little one is potty training. My oldest is 4 and he still refuses to sit on the potty for long. Is it because he has two younger siblings (2) that are still in diapers? I think that regression has something to do with it but on the other hand it is also due to the precarious situation that we are in. In between homes, living on a shoestring all of these things can aggravate the situation and cause him to be insecure thus he reverts to diapers.

But he knows when he is supposed to sit on the potty.

We have tried everything, prizes, lollipops, putting him in big boy undies (and him peeing through it) and more. But now it is down to the wire. So this week we are working on potty training bootcamp.

How it works:

•He is not allowed to wear diapers-only undies

•If he pee’s through then he does -hopefully sooner or later he will realize that the potty is the place to be.

•We are trying to reinforce the he is the big kid, and will be teaching his brother and sister what big kids do…

I’m hoping this works because we have tried everything from the Potty Dance to prizes galore!



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