National Election Day

My little ones are not working to hard today, but we are going to be launching a few web based activities on national Election day. They are young so I am not pressing the workbooks on them too much. Plus, I am always striving to find that balance between homeschooling and working. Phew! It’s exhausting. Our plans are on a standstill until we can get packed up to go back to Kansas. Yahoo! I’m really excited and God Willing we will get there soon, because I’m not sure how much more wait time I can take. The kids are going to be in ballet, karate, and kindermusic.

Besides that I have been working on getting Usborne books, developing my manners course and more. It’s hit a snag but I planning on getting it completed soon.

To get you all thoroughly saturated with the Letter A here is the link to the printable pack A is for Apple.

Other ideas this week:

Source: via Cleopatra on Pinterest

I love this….

Source: via Crystal on Pinterest

Other ideas this week:

Apple Picking for breakfast make warm homemade Apple Fritters from

Thanks everyone looking forward to  getting the curriculum info up this week.


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