Mo Willems and Reading To Your Litte Ones


My kids love Mo Willems. His books like: “Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs” have them reading on their own, even if they do not understand the words. He used to write for Sesame Street, so he knows creativity. We recently found out that if you YOUTUBE Mo, a plethora of videos come up. The best by far is his Knuffle Bunny Series. I encourage you to check it out.

Reading to your little ones should be done nightly. I do it, not only does it promote creativty, bonding time and interest you get a chance to settle in as well. I am guilty of loving kiddie tales, but then again I always have!

Some points to remember when reading to your kids:

1. Yell, Scream, Jump! Don’t roll your eyes, don’t be monotone, books were meant to be exciting. If you are jumping, screaming and acting your children will get curious and excited too. Just be ridiculous when you are doing it.

2.Try to say the wrong things on purpose, see if your little one picks up on it. For instance, ” The Three Little Kids” instead of you know.. Most kids will correct you.

3.Stop creating a cycle. If you go with your kids to the library or book store once a week encourage them to take out books that they would not otherwise look at. It breaks the cycle and opens them up to a whole other genre. Plus, kids can get stuck in a rut when it comes to choosing the same material over and over. You know sort of like that Sesame street DVD you have!

4. Read everything! My kids love reading textbooks, National Geographic, the newspaper, and more.

5.Pass it on! Have both parents help out, your husband should read to them as well.

6.Don’t talk down to kids. They have emotions as well and their lives are deep, and rich.

7. Don’t force them by telling them it is good for them this is not spinach! If they see you are happy when you read and you follow these tips they will be compelled to do it as well.

Have a great night!


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