Posion Ivy-What to do

Remember, I told you a couple posts ago that the kids had poison ivy? Well, it was a little alarming at first because my oldest looked almost measly with it. But upon closer inspection, I saw those red spots on his ears, raised little bumps and watched in a day or two it spread. Every time he touched his face a new set of them sprung up. It looks really bad, but thankfully he has not contracted it in his eyes. He has it on his cheeks, ears, neck and upper portions of his chest. I bought Gold Bond Cream, two kinds, plus Zinc Oxide.

Poison Ivy is caused by URISHOL, the allergen that causes the rash in about 60 percent of people who come into contact with it.

I learned this though if you come into contact with URISHOL, then do not take a bath. It will basically sit around you in the water and can actually make the rash worse. Instead, doctors recommend only taking a shower.

So the plan was to stop it in its tracks. I used the Gold Bond Anti Itch up to three times a day and then we use the GOld Bond with the added menthol at night (he calls it Vicks). I have not used the zinc yet because I know it will get everywhere and I can almost hear him calling for me in the middle of the night because it smeared in his eyes. My little twins also have it. But Princess Violette only has a few dots here and there. The boys have it on their face the worst of all.

So  upon research I wanted to find more old remedies:

1. Wash the area in vinegar (it stings, but the burning subsides)I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS FOR LITTLE ONES.

2.Use a hair dryer on the area, it feels great. (Plus it dries it up)Again something I used on myself and I admit not old fashioned.

3.Many people say that spring Jewelweed will get rid of the poison ivy in less than a day.

But it’s rare to get it on your own.

4.Use lye soap.

5.Rubbing alcohol

6. Do not itch it.

So, there you have it. I chose not to use calamine lotion also because of the potential it has to stick in their mouths.

Did you know that it can take up to 10 days for this to clear up? YIKES!

Poison Ivy is not only in Massachusetts, particularly the swampy areas of the woods, but it sure seems like it.



Not everyone is allergic to this plant or its classmates (poison sumac, poison oak).


Check out this video:


Just because I like oldies, I like this song:


Another video Poison Oak:


Lesson Plan Sample:

Teach your kids about poison ivy by walking in the backyard and looking for a patch. Or take a hike and seek it out, just make sure to point out that it can make them very itchy so they just need to know what it looks like.

Have them color a page here.

Make a Craft: have them cut out shapes from green construction paper, and have them glue it all down (little ones should have precut pieces to glue).

Thanks and stay out of the Poison Ivy!

Let me know your poison ivy stories as well.




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