Dealing With Hard Times: Homeschooling During Financial Difficuluties

So, my husband and I have been having hard times and it seems no matter how hard we work we cannot do it. But I trust that God is guiding us somewhere, that it should make us stronger and not divide us. Money in my opinion can be an evil to contend with. I have seen it ruin relationships and of course it changes people.

But once you realize that living within a limited budget is possible you can then work on since you and your husband are working as hard as humanly possible to live. Yeah, I have said to myself “I should have the money to send my kids to swim class if I want too! Why can’t I go on a vacation?” Wah! Wah! The “poor me’s” are extremely disheartening. It is overwhelming, when you have to spend the little money you have on insurance, health care and cheap food. Going to the grocery store once, I saw a mother and father with three kids. They were arguing, one holding a calculator and the kids screaming for food. They really were hungry, and looked down and out. Her husband snapped at her and I heard him say “We only have $50.00, That’s it.” They had $50.00 dollars to feed a family of five.

I wanted to cry for them right then, it wasn’t fair. But, she nodded, took it like a champ and began to calculate the food that they had. I watched them pay for the food in line, and leave. I couldn’t help feeling the same way when I went to the store, with only $100.00 to feed my family for a week. But, I now that this is a lesson that is going to help us in the future. I have relied on God heavily during these hard times, hoping that my strength won’t fail. I have stumbled, found myself in misery where the world was bleak. But you know what I did? I looked at it and said every day the sun was made to shine anew, the kids are healthy (albeit with a little poison ivy), and I have the ability to teach them how to be strong people and how to really survive in this world.

The recession has touched everyone. Millions are out of work, and even though the papers keep reporting that the sun is shining for many who have lost all of their retirement and can no longer find a job life has become drab and meaningless. But, I tell them that the sun is shining why not reinvent yourself? It’s for a reason. I figure that we haven’t had to cook on single propane burner, or wear a single pari of jeans and wash them outside yet. So, I’m grateful for that.

I’m grateful for the ability to homeschool in this day and age with access to the internet where there are literally millions of files and recipes available to everyone.

Here are some sites that are great for those of you who are having financial difficulties:–_Twenty_Two_Keys_for_Couples&articleid=505969&from=PROFILE

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