What Your Lesson Plan will look Like

I’m so excited because I have created several week’s already. Remember, I told you all about these plans.

For those of you interested in only one day the daily email will look like this:


Play AND Learn

Welcome to Summer Session II, I am so happy that you have purchased our daily plans for your preschoolers. It’s guaranteed to meet and exceed you expectations. I see that you are in Fort Scott, Kansas. Wow! There is a lot to stimulate and entertain you and your children here. From lazy days at the river, to learning about tomatoes and visiting a local rock park-there is a plethora of opportunities to learn here.

Your daily plans will include a handout or two, video clips, an organized snack/lunch chart, weekly book’s with links to get them, freebies, a field trip for the day and more. Most of the lesson’s are easily moved around. They guarantee that your children will be exposed to many concepts from science, art, math, language, dramatic play, sensory exploration and more.

I am so thankful that you have decided to come here to learn.

So, let’s get to it?

Note***Other materials may also be needed and they will be mentioned in the activity.

Begin the day today with a thought ask your children at breakfast this question:

What is the best part of summer? (Lead them on asking do they like the warmth of the sun, the heat of the day?)

Breakfast-Smoothie (Vanilla Yogurt, Strawberries, Honey and Ice) Muffins (Strawberry Cream Cheese) 

First Activity- begin with a song time-

ABCD and sing it with clapping.

Next- Sing 5 little hotdogs 













Summer Science Experiment Outside

Today Fry and EGG on the pavement

Have your children crack it, let them watch it bubble and burst. Talk to them about why we were sunscreen and shoes and how the sun heats the earth.


Have children paint a puncture with the color yellow on a black piece of constriction paper.

SNACK TIME- Make a sun snack with pretzels and yellow tomatoes

Dramatic Play (set up a pool indoors and fill it with ocean animals let the children play in the pool, put on flippers, snorkel maskers and play with water toys that are not filled up.)  TEN MINUTES OR MORE

Sensory Table (Have a table filled with colored  pom pom’s the children will scoop pompoms from one bowl to another like ice cream.)

Lunch- Grilled Cheese, Carrot sticks, milk

Clean up, have the kids help with this. 

Sing: Clean up, it’s time to clean up

Clean up it’s time to clean up.

Now for you in Fort Scott- take the kids on a walk to the pool or drive there. Spend a few hours enjoying summer fun.

POOL LINK:http://www.fort-scott.com/Fort_Scott_Swimming_Pool

Tommorrow we have a sample of A weekly plan!


Making Sunday Donuts, and more…

Hi everyone, thanks for looking at our posts. I noticed a huge misspelling on the title for yesterday and I apologize. Anyway, it’s been raining cats and dogs here and we were not able to go blueberry picking. What we did this weekend was fairly low key. The kids learned how to play the board game “Don’t Wake Daddy.” My oldest is really getting into them and we have a great time with it. Board games are awesome ways to teach colors, numbers, patience and more.

Then on Sunday, Wesley wanted donut’s so he helped me mix, measure and roll out the dough.



Homemade and yummy vanilla glazed


Recipe” Wesley’s Groovy Homemade Doughnuts

  • Doughnuts
  • 1-1/8 cup Whole Milk, Warm
  • 1/4 cup Sugar
  • 2-1/4 teaspoons (one Package) Instant Or Active Dry Yeast
  • 2 whole Large Eggs, Beaten
  • 1-1/4 stick Unsalted Butter, melted
  • 4 cups All-purpose Flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon Salt
  • Canola Oil
  • 3 cups Powdered Sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon Salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla
  • 1/2 cup Cold Water Or Milk


1.Hot milk, sugar and melted butter mix and dissolve.

2. Add the yeast, and eggs.

3.Add the rest of the ingredients, and allow it to rise for 10 minutes.

4. Roll out and cut out pieces of the dough (we used a cup)

5.Heat up the oil and add the pieces of doughnut.

6.Dip warm in the glaze.


We loved them absolutely.







Dealing With Hard Times: Homeschooling During Financial Difficuluties

So, my husband and I have been having hard times and it seems no matter how hard we work we cannot do it. But I trust that God is guiding us somewhere, that it should make us stronger and not divide us. Money in my opinion can be an evil to contend with. I have seen it ruin relationships and of course it changes people.

But once you realize that living within a limited budget is possible you can then work on since you and your husband are working as hard as humanly possible to live. Yeah, I have said to myself “I should have the money to send my kids to swim class if I want too! Why can’t I go on a vacation?” Wah! Wah! The “poor me’s” are extremely disheartening. It is overwhelming, when you have to spend the little money you have on insurance, health care and cheap food. Going to the grocery store once, I saw a mother and father with three kids. They were arguing, one holding a calculator and the kids screaming for food. They really were hungry, and looked down and out. Her husband snapped at her and I heard him say “We only have $50.00, That’s it.” They had $50.00 dollars to feed a family of five.

I wanted to cry for them right then, it wasn’t fair. But, she nodded, took it like a champ and began to calculate the food that they had. I watched them pay for the food in line, and leave. I couldn’t help feeling the same way when I went to the store, with only $100.00 to feed my family for a week. But, I now that this is a lesson that is going to help us in the future. I have relied on God heavily during these hard times, hoping that my strength won’t fail. I have stumbled, found myself in misery where the world was bleak. But you know what I did? I looked at it and said every day the sun was made to shine anew, the kids are healthy (albeit with a little poison ivy), and I have the ability to teach them how to be strong people and how to really survive in this world.

The recession has touched everyone. Millions are out of work, and even though the papers keep reporting that the sun is shining for many who have lost all of their retirement and can no longer find a job life has become drab and meaningless. But, I tell them that the sun is shining why not reinvent yourself? It’s for a reason. I figure that we haven’t had to cook on single propane burner, or wear a single pari of jeans and wash them outside yet. So, I’m grateful for that.

I’m grateful for the ability to homeschool in this day and age with access to the internet where there are literally millions of files and recipes available to everyone.

Here are some sites that are great for those of you who are having financial difficulties:


Pretty Funny:


Posion Ivy-What to do

Remember, I told you a couple posts ago that the kids had poison ivy? Well, it was a little alarming at first because my oldest looked almost measly with it. But upon closer inspection, I saw those red spots on his ears, raised little bumps and watched in a day or two it spread. Every time he touched his face a new set of them sprung up. It looks really bad, but thankfully he has not contracted it in his eyes. He has it on his cheeks, ears, neck and upper portions of his chest. I bought Gold Bond Cream, two kinds, plus Zinc Oxide.

Poison Ivy is caused by URISHOL, the allergen that causes the rash in about 60 percent of people who come into contact with it.

I learned this though if you come into contact with URISHOL, then do not take a bath. It will basically sit around you in the water and can actually make the rash worse. Instead, doctors recommend only taking a shower.

So the plan was to stop it in its tracks. I used the Gold Bond Anti Itch up to three times a day and then we use the GOld Bond with the added menthol at night (he calls it Vicks). I have not used the zinc yet because I know it will get everywhere and I can almost hear him calling for me in the middle of the night because it smeared in his eyes. My little twins also have it. But Princess Violette only has a few dots here and there. The boys have it on their face the worst of all.

So  upon research I wanted to find more old remedies:

1. Wash the area in vinegar (it stings, but the burning subsides)I DON’T RECOMMEND THIS FOR LITTLE ONES.

2.Use a hair dryer on the area, it feels great. (Plus it dries it up)Again something I used on myself and I admit not old fashioned.

3.Many people say that spring Jewelweed will get rid of the poison ivy in less than a day.

But it’s rare to get it on your own.

4.Use lye soap.

5.Rubbing alcohol

6. Do not itch it.

So, there you have it. I chose not to use calamine lotion also because of the potential it has to stick in their mouths.

Did you know that it can take up to 10 days for this to clear up? YIKES!

Poison Ivy is not only in Massachusetts, particularly the swampy areas of the woods, but it sure seems like it.



Not everyone is allergic to this plant or its classmates (poison sumac, poison oak).


Check out this video:


Just because I like oldies, I like this song:


Another video Poison Oak:


Lesson Plan Sample:

Teach your kids about poison ivy by walking in the backyard and looking for a patch. Or take a hike and seek it out, just make sure to point out that it can make them very itchy so they just need to know what it looks like.

Have them color a page here.

Make a Craft: have them cut out shapes from green construction paper, and have them glue it all down (little ones should have precut pieces to glue).

Thanks and stay out of the Poison Ivy!

Let me know your poison ivy stories as well.



Summer Time Top Picks for Preschoolers

Summer can be a great experience for you and your little ones. I have found that while teaching them is key, so is learning through playing. You should look for free things for your children, these are a top  must do’s with your little one’s this summer.

1. Have fun in the pool. Use your small wading pool, set up a sprinkler and let them splash around. It’s guarenteed fun.

Swimming can be fun for the summer


2. Go to the summer reading program at your local library. Last year my kids earned free books, a skate party and more.

Library time


3. Go to a local children’s museum.

Children’s museums offer all kinds of tactile excitement.


4. Play outside. Never underestimate the power og fresh air.

My kids love to catch butterfly’s great way to get some fresh air.

5.Wear a mask-it’s fun to dress up.

Dramatic play, always a favorite.











Vietnamese Wedding Uncle Todd Style

On Saturday and Sunday we spent the day preparing for Uncle Todd’s wedding. My brother married  his longtime love Tina. The kids were so excited and so was I. They learned a lot about Vietnamese culture and ate food that they had never had before. The wedding ceremony kicked off at the local Vietnamese Catholic Church. The boys wore lime green vests, and Violette, wore a little wedding flower girl gown. When the day of the wedding came, the kids learned a lot.They learned how to walk down the aisle slowly. They learned how to stay quiet in the ceremony. They learned that stepping on Aunt Tina’s veil was  a bad thing. They also learned about Poison Sumac, which they contracted during a woody wedding picture of the bridal party. (We just saw it yesterday, it can take up to 48 hours to show up.)

So off to the reception.

Here is what I learned:

1. Vietnamese gowns are three fold, and the dress is called an  Áo dài .

2.Guests are expected to bring gifts, and it is traditionally in the form of money in an envelope. Immediate family, usually gives more money to the bride and groom. At one point during the reception, the bride and groom will go from table-to-table to thank guests for their blessings and sometimes collect the envelopes. Most couples however leave a box at the sign-in table for guests to drop in their envelopes and cards, although this is frowned upon by older traditional conservatives. Occasionally, the family and guests’ monetary gifts will cover more than the cost of the wedding and reception.

3.The actual wedding day may only include a Buddhist/Church ceremony, and large reception.

4.It’s normal for Vietnamese to attend the reception an hour or so later than the arranged time which was 6pm. (THE KIDS WERE STARVING) if you arrive at the time specified on the invitation, you are obviously hungry and in need of a meal.

5.Gifts are traditionally not given to the newly married couple. Rather, one should use the invitation envelope, or envelopes conveniently placed on the tables, to give cash donations. The money collected will normally be used to offset the cost of the reception and the catering. No doubt this goes some way to helping defray the cost of all those additional freeloaders.
6.A larger than life picture of the happy couple will be placed outside the entrance to the reception venue. The proud subject’s of the picture will be stationed nearby to dutifully greet every guest individually.

7.This will happen as often as her family can afford. Tina’s gowns changed three times!




Sports Week

Learning about sports with little ones can be fun. Recently we wrapped up our sports week.

We learned about common childhood games and played them out in the yard.

It’s great fun to learn about outside activities.

First we learned hide and seek, then mother may I, we had an obstacle course and then had a sack race. Each one on a different day which culminated into a single day with daddy today.

They loved the sack race.

It’s a great sport for Daddy and little ones


Ball Rubbings
Cut different ball shapes from paper doilies or sand paper. Tape these balls to the table. Have the children place a piece of thin white paper over the balls and rub a crayon over the ball shape.

Shaving Cream Art
Add a drop of food coloring to a baseball sized pile of shaving cream. Mix this with a paint brush. Have the children be very careful, and use smocks because the food coloring will stain their clothing and hands. Have the children paint the shaving cream on a piece of paper that is ball shaped.

Potato Prints (ball prints)
Cut a large potato in half. Supply the children with the potato stamps, different colored paints, and paper. Have the children dip the potatoes in the paint and press them firmly onto the paper. If the potatoes are not cut evenly the shapes will not appear clearly.

Sports Stamping Patterns
Use rubber stamps to create a simple pattern on the top half of a piece of paper. Ask your child to help you recreate the pattern on the bottom half of the paper. Tip: Start with one stamp, and have your child pick which stamp you used. Start slowly and work your way up to more complicated patterns.

Sports Stamping
Supply the children with rubber stamps with a sports theme to use to create a picture.

Sports Stickers
Supply the children with sports themed stickers to create a picture 

Ball Splat 
You will need various balls, a large box, paper and paint. Place a 
piece of paper in the bottom of the box. Let the children dip the balls 
in the paint and throw them into the box. When they are finished pull 
out the paper and allow to dry. 

Cut out a pennant shape from paper and allow the children to make a 
pennant for their favorite team. 

Jump Song 
(My son’s favorite) 
Let’s say you are singing for Sarah…. It’ll make it easier 
Sarah, Sarah, Jump up and Down, 
Sarah, Sarah, Jump up and Down, 
Sarah, Sarah, Jump up and Down, 
Now sit back down. 
I have found this songs not only works well in circle time… 
but you can substitute everyone for Sarah, and after the 
song.. everyone is sitting It’s great. 
A Couple Variations: 
instead of Jump up and Down sing: 
Act like a clown, bounce up and down, or spin all around. 

“Take me Out to the Ball game” 

Dance Prop Box 
Mexican Hat, tutu, cane, top hat, baton, wand, broom, dresses, scarves, 
ribbons, shoes (tap, ballet), slippers, gloves, play rose, music, hat, 
boas, ties, and belts. 

Sports Match Up 
There are many ways to set this up depending on the skill level or the 
particular skill you wish to work on. Try these different set ups: 

Cut out sports shapes from different colors of paper. Give each child 
one sports shape. Ask the children to find one person with the same 
color sports shape. 

Cut the sports shapes from one color of paper. Label one set of sports 
shapes with numbers, i.e. if you have 20 children, label the sports 
shapes with the numbers one to ten. The other half, draw one dot on 
one, two on another, and so on until ten. Give each child one sports 
shape and have them find the child with their match. 

Cut the sports shapes from one color of paper. Place matching stickers 
on two sports shapes. Give each child one sports shape and have them 
find the child with their match. 

Place matching sports stickers on separate index cards. Give each child 
a card and ask them to find the child with their match. 

Try all the above, but in a file folder format. Glue one part of the 
sports shape to the file folder and laminate it’s match. 

Bean Bag or soft ball Toss 
Obtain a large piece of cardboard. A large, unfolded box works well. 
Cut one or two holes or sports shapes out of the cardboard. Paint the 
cardboard. When dry let the children throw bean bags through the holes. 

Sports Hop 
Cut out large sports shapes from colored paper. Laminate them and cut 
them out. Place them on the floor and ask the children to hop from one 
sports shape to another. These may also be used at seat markers for 
group time. 

What time is it Mr. Referee? 
This is a fun game to play outside. You can change the name to suit any 
The children all line up against a wall or fence. 
And one child, (Mr. Referee) or the teacher faces away from the 
children, a good distance away from the children. 
The children yell, what time is it “Mr. Referee”, 
Mr. Referee answers 1 o’clock, and the children all take one step toward 
Mr. Referee. 
The children yell again, what time is it “Mr. Referee”, 
Mr. Referee answers (fill in the blank) o’clock, and the children all 
take same number of step toward Mr. Referee. 
This continues until all the children are very close to Mr. Referee, 
then Mr. Referee will answer it’s midnight, and chases the children back 
to the fence or wall that they started at. The first person Mr. Referee 
touches will be the new Mr. Referee. 

Sports Hide and Seek 
Have all the children hide their eyes while you “hide” a sports object 
in the room. (It should be placed in plain view) Tell the children to 
find the object, but not touch it. Once they spot it they should sit 
back down in their spot. The first one to sit down again will get to 
hide the object. 

Sports Hide and Seek 
Play the game the same as above, except hide the sports object. Then 
tell the children individually whether they are “hot” or “cold” to the 
relation of the object. Allow the other children to have a change to 
hide the object, and tell children whether they are “hot or cold”. It 
may be a good idea to discuss the meaning of hot and cold before you 
play this game. 

Sports Shape Fishing Game 
Tie 3 feet of string to a wooden spoon. Attach a magnet to the end of 
the string. Cut and laminate many different colored, and sized sports 
shapes from construction paper (not too big though). Attach a paper clip 
to each shape. Spread the shapes on the floor and let your child try to 
catch the shapes. Have them try to catch the red shape.. or the biggest 
shape. For a twist, label the shapes with letters or numbers. Ask the 
children to catch a specific shape, or ask them which shape they caught. 

Ball Sizing 
Cut out many different sized ball shapes. Ask the children to line up 
the shapes from largest to smallest. 

Real Ball Sizing
Supply the children with different sized balls and have them line up the 
ball according to size. 

Ball Numbers 
Cut out ten ball shapes. Number them one to ten. Ask the children to 
line up the balls from one to ten. 

Ball Colors 
Ask the children to sort the balls by color. 

Sports Match Up
Supply the children with pictures of sports objects that belong 
together.. i.e. baseball and baseball mit or bat. A hockey puck and 
stick. Ask the children if they can match the objects. 

Sports Sort
Supply the children with pictures of sports objects that belong 
together. Have the children sort the objects according to the sport 
they go with. 

Ramp and Roll 
Create a ramp with a large block or book. Then gather toys and show how 
the toys roll or slide down the ramp. Have a ramp and roll race. 

Roll the Ball 
Roll a ball back and forth. 

Beach Ball Bat 
Hang a beach ball from the ceiling just within the child’s reach. Allow 
the children to bat at the ball. 

Sports Sort: 
Cut out shapes of different sports objects. Have them laminated. Ask 
the children to sort the shapes. Ask the children how many ___ do you 

Find One like mine:
Cut out shapes of different sports objects. Have them laminated. Pick 
out a shape, and ask the children to pick the same shape as you out of a 
pile of shapes. 

Make yours like mine: 
Provide each child, and yourself with different sports objects. Place 
your shapes in a pattern, and ask the children if they can make theirs 
like yours. Let the children have a turn too, making up the patterns. 

Over the blocks 
Set a block on the floor. Encourage your child to jump over the block. 
For younger children, you may have to hold his/her hand. When your child 
can jump over one block… add another.. and another, or for advanced 
jumpers, have the child help you build a little wall. 

Kid Sports Jeopardy 
Tell your child you are going to play a game, where they come up with 
the answers and you come up with the questions. Let’s say that they say 
“baseball”, you could say “What is a game you play that has four bases?” 
Play this way for a little until they get the hang of it, then switch, 
you say the answers and let them think of the questions. 

Lacing Cards 
Cut colored poster board into a sports shape and punch holes around the 
edges. Them let your child lace yarn or a shoestring into the cards. 

Line Walk 
Place a line of masking tape on your floor. Have your child walk on the 
line. Try it backwards, hopping or try it your own way. 

Can Stilts 
Get two cans of the same size. Use a hammer and nail to punch two holes 
in each can opposite sides, about 1 inch below the top rim. Thread a 
rope through each can by bringing the rope through one hole and out the 
other. Tie the ends together, leaving enough rope to reach the child’s 
waist. Have your child put the cans on their feet, grasp the rope and 
pull up to walk. 

Home made memory game 
You need: 
Index cards (blank on both sides) 
Sports Stickers 
What to do: 
Place matching stickers on one side of two index cards. Place the cards 
sticker side down. Take turns trying to find a match by turning over two 
cards per turn. If you find a match you get another turn, if not the 
next player gets their turn. 

Bowling Game 
You need: 
At least 3, 2 liter bottles 
clean sand 
a ball 
What to do: 
Soak the bottles in warm water, so the labels come of easily. Allow the 
bottles to dry, then use the funnel to fill the bottles 1/3 full with 
sand. Screw on the tops to the bottles tightly. You may choose to 
decorate with stickers, or glue on ribbons, or whatever you choose. Set 
the bottles up, and bowl away!!! 

Basketball game 
Easy game to play. Take a laundry basket, and a ball, and tell your 
child to throw the ball into the basket. You may use masking tape on the 
floor to mark a free throw line. Ask your child to be their favorite 
basketball star!!! 

Box Hop Game 
Set out a few box tops for your child to hop in and out of. Or line up 
three or four box tops, and have your child hop from box top to box top. 

Inside skate 
Have your child “skate” around inside. All you need is socks, and a 
floor that is not carpeted. Have fun!!!! It was also suggested to me 
that you can tie coloring books to your child’s feet and “skate” on 

Play your Favorite Sport
Supply the children with various sports items to play with and 

Wear you ______ Day
Each day pick a special thing for the children to wear that day:
Baseball cap
Hockey shirt
Team shirt 

Ball Toss
Hold up a hula hoop and have the children throw a ball through it. 

Sports Charades
For the older children:
Have a child act out a sport. The first child to guess gets to act out 
the next sport. 

Running Races
Have a running race or a relay race. Make it fun by having them walk on 
all fours, walk backwards, hop, skip etc. 

Obstacle Course
Set up an obstacle course for the children to navigate. Chairs, 
climbers, tape on the floor are good tools for this. 

Ball Weighing 
Provide the children with a variety of balls to measure and weight. 

At the water Table
Provide the children with balls in the water table. Do they float or 

At the water Table 
Provide the children with toys that look like people for the water 
table. Have the children pretend the people are swimming. 

Tag Team Clean Up 
Assign members to each team, making it pretty fair to the amount of mess 
in each area. Make necklaces with the names of the areas to be cleaned 
on them and pictures. Have the children sit down on our carpet and tell 
them what to clean and give them a necklace. Like Dramatic Play, blocks, 
small toys, art, puzzles.. etc. Then they would race against each other 
and whatever team was done and all sitting on the carpet first would 

My Ball Song
sung to “Mary had a Little Lamb”
Once I had a little ball 
little ball 
little ball 
Once I had a little ball 
Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce 

My Sports Song
sung to “The More we Get Together” 
If I would play soccer
play soccer
play soccer
If I would play soccer
I would need a ball 
Substitute soccer for football, tennis, baseball etc. 

Scarf and Ribbon Dancing
Provide each child with a ribbon or scarf to dance with. 

Balance Beams
If you don’t have a balance bean in your class, tape a piece of yarn on 
the floor and have the children walk on that. It’s fun, and they fall 
less often (They still fall.. LOL)

Study the history of sports and sports in different cultures





Berry Picking Fun and Activities

Did you know that July is national blueberry picking month? Yep and boy do we love them. Blueberry’s are such a hit in my house that my kids ate two pints in two days. I’m planning on starting pick-your-own blueberries as soon as we get our farm. I can’t wait to find it. But the problem is we have not found it yet. I found a great one in Oklahoma and we are hoping to set up a work-in on that. A work-in leads to eventual buying out but as of right now we cannot afford to buy out.

So we will use our sweat equity-what else is there really. Sometimes I wish that we lived back during the land rush we would have had at least more opportunity to get land!

I keep hoping because that is what we are called to do. Do you know what a city does to a farmboy? Well, that’s what it is doing to my husband.

Anyhow Blueberries are ripe for the picking in the Northeast and we are taking the kids.

But first we are going to read Blueberries for Sal-great book!

Learn about them-wehre they grow and what color they are. Cook with them and more.

Check out Pick-your-own.org to find the best spots. Remember they have a short growing season and fresh off the bush are so much better than picking up a pint from the store.



You’re Here

Well, you made you way here! Thanks for stopping by. We are a farm family without a farm right now who homeschool’s our little ones. Join me on a journey. We are looking for a farm (but we are not billionaires) so that makes it hard. We are working everyday trying to figure out what God has in store for us and along the way I am teaching our children. I am a cook, historian, writer, and homeschool mom and a wife to my adorably flawed husband.
Thanks for stopping by. Check out our youtube videos, recipes, and preschool freebies. I also created several plans that I have taught to preschools, homeschool groups and teens.
Hope to see you again!